Building The Lloydsman

20160323_141908 [11156]Forward bulkhead, foredeck, cross member and perimeter deck support started.



20160405_235449_resized [20604]

Bow thruster tube installed.

20160324_065214 [11155]Superstructure frame under construction.

20160405_235419_resized [20605]

Wood welders have clad first level and cut and fitted the middle deck.

20160422_151445_resized [32186]

Shaping the foam core for the main mast.

Refurbishment of the pool


The pool is now empty and we have a plan for the continued operation. It would seem the object is to clean out all the sediment, coin of the realm and other detritus, rake out all the poor attempts to seal the joints and reseal with hot bitumen, It is not envisaged this will cure the leaks completely but will slow the water loss to a manageable level. The sides will subsequently be re-painted, the old drain will be inspected and sealed if necessary and the pond refilled at which time we can all go boating again.