Through the wheelhouse window

When is a pond not a pond? Answers on a post card please.

Oh dear our boating pool on the Royal Esplanade in Ramsgate seems to have sprung a leak! Or at least the water has been escaping more quickly than of late. Converted in the sixties from a band stand, it is now in need of some overdue maintenance. With the water pumped out we have all been hard at work clearing the silt and weed so that repairs can start. Pond side during the winter months tends to be very quiet, with most of us concentrating on building new boats, but with the weather being so mild, there has been a regular attendance, and we’ve even had new modellers wanting to join us, I’m sure they will be made very welcome. The Royal Esplanade is once again open to traffic, having been closed so that a new pipe line could be installed, so parking is no longer a problem. Even though the pool is now empty we will still all be in the café every Thursday and Sunday mornings.

Take Care